Awesome Phaser 3 – Part 2 – Canvas Configuration

Phaser is one of the most powerful 2D engines for JavaScript. Now with Phaser3 it is even more powerful, but some things have changed.  Let’s explore the initialization of Phaser3  which is very similar to the previous version. 

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Awesome Phaser 3 – Part 1 – Download

Phaser is one of the most powerful 2D game engines for JavaScript. Many games have been published with Phaser 2. The development of Phaser 3 started long ago and now the first alpha is released. Phaser 3 includes many new techniques and features. Lately (11.08.17) the lightning layer with deferred and forward render path is added. Continue reading

Unity 3D – Testing Android builds with an emulator

Using an emulator to test your Android builds can speed up your development. Unity can built the app automatically and push it to the emulator. Testing your product with powerful hardware can be a key in production. There are several emulators out in the wild and I’ll review some of them.

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Unity 3D – Cross-fade two AudioClips with two AudioSources

Cross-fading is a technique to stop one song and softly bend to another song. The following script is designed to cross-fade loop-able songs. The following script is designed to fade between two loop-able songs. Afterwards the song is played until it is replaced by another song. Just call the Play(AudioClip clip) function and the script organizes the rest.
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