Unity 3D – Testing Android builds with an Emulator

In the video Testing Unity games on Android in Visual Studio (don’t watch) it sounds really easy to test android builds with an android emulator. Built the app and automatically push it to the emulator and test it, sounds cool! But as of Unity 5.6.1 the described way is not working anymore. The problem is, the apps don’t run within the “Visual Studio Emulator for Android”. They crash or stop at startup. But there are alternatives!


Unity3D – Google Play Services error after install

TL;DR: Open Android SDK Manager and install “Extras/Android Support Repository”.

After importing the unitypackage from play-games-plugin-for-unity, the project throws an error and stopped working. The error was not helpful at all, but the warning “Unable to find dependency com.android.support:support” indicates that the “Android Support Repository” is missing. Even if the support repository is not installed, the folder “$SDK/extras/android/m2repository” is present.