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DriverSetupUtility – A black popup once every hour

DriverSetupUtility – A black popup once every hour

After the startup of the computer, a black window pops up once every hour and hides after less than a second. This window is an instance of the cmd.exe, which is part of windows, and executes a script, which tries to update some drivers. Every program running in full screen mode is minimized immediately. After some research, I found the root of the evil.

What is DriverSetupUtility?

The script seems to be a part of the DriverSetupUtility from Acer, which is supposed to automatically update a bunch of drivers. It is generally installed with driver packs, single drivers or with the automatic installer SlimDivers. The task of this program is to keep drivers from specific vendors up to date. This task should be done quiet in the background, but it will show up because of the type of the script. Warning! This update script runs with full admin rights, downloads files and executes them. Acer could possible install any software on the pc, without the permission of the user. The installation of DriverSetupUtility creates following entry in the windows task scheduler, which is the cause of the black window:

The task in taskschd.msc:

task scheduler: ACC → At user login → After triggering every 1 Hour repeat for 1 day.

This entry executes every hour the script at „C:\Program Files\DriverSetupUtility\FUB\FUB_Send.bat“  with admin rights. This script is looking for installation information of „Acer“, „Packard Bell“, „Gateway“ and“Founder“.

The command-window logs several errors like:

FINDSTR: C:\ProgramData\acer\updater2\updater2.xml could not be opened.
The system could not find the file.
The file C:\Program Files\DriverSetupUtility\FUB\+ could be accessed.

After the errors, this window vanishes.

Delete DriverSetupUtility

You can easily uninstall this program via the control panel.

Startcontrol panelProgramsUninstall a Programselect DriverSetupUtilityUninstall

Disable the task

If you somehow need this programm, you can disable the execution of this file. To disable the execution of the file disable the task inside of the windows task scheduler.

Win + R Enter taskschd.msc → Task Scheduler Library → Right click ACC → Deactivate